Cable&Wireless Worldwide is a Tier 1 Telco, wholesaling network infrastructure access to people such as NZ Telecom, Verizon & Orange. The Conversations With project was a short term microsite and EDM series, regarding the conversations that C&WW was having with the CEOs and other top level staff from their customers, regarding the directions they felt the IT & Telco sector was moving, along with the value that these top level companies placed on co-operation with C&WW for their mutual benefit.

Video Editing/Motion Graphics. This first video was for inclusion in link from initial EDM mailout. Further EDM videos were created at events in Singapore & other locations.

Initial Teaser Video from mikey.yeah on Vimeo.

The microsite is no longer active as the project ended in 2013. Multiple EDMs were mailed on a 2 monthly basis to all people involved in manner as to promote them sharing and adding to the discussions on the topics covered. Below are screen caps of the layouts for various pages and also examples of the EDM format.






EDM for cable and wireless1 Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 1.05.19 pm