Nexxt to skin

Nexxt to skin is a local online lingerie store. I have been shooting/retouching for their catalog/line as well as images that may be used for social media.

Symphony of Green

Symphony of Green social media post screenshot

Symphony of Green is a local clothing company with a strong focus on ethical, sustainable practices. I shot/edited/graded a 60 second promo video as well as a selection of photos for their social media.

Brass monkey run 2015 video

I was called on again after the previous editor was unable to deliver in a timely fashion. Once again it is a video of a club 2 day overnight ride, edited from provided footage, for delivery online on various sites/forums. Melbourne Cafe Racers – Brass Monkey Run 2015 from mikey.yeah on Vimeo.

The Aquarium vintage clothing

The Aquarium is a vintage clothing retailer with 2 locations in Melbourne. The shoot was for an online lookbook to promote the style and image of the retailer.  

The Unknown Magazine

In 2012/2013 I was involved with a recent startup, The Unknown Magazine. The idea behind the magazine was to expose emerging talent in all creative fields such as design, art, photography, writing and more. They had published 1 issue in print format already when I came aboard, & had commenced the planning stages for their … more…