In 2012/2013 I was involved with a recent startup, The Unknown Magazine. The idea behind the magazine was to expose emerging talent in all creative fields such as design, art, photography, writing and more. They had published 1 issue in print format already when I came aboard, & had commenced the planning stages for their 2nd. My role was in-house photographer, online content producer & social media producer. My work incorporated multiple photoshoots for the cover of the 2nd issue, & editorials within the issue, as well as reporting on relevant social occasions such as gallery openings, design shows, trade shows etc. I was responsible for blogging, twitter & assisting with instagram feeds on these subjects. Unfortunately the funds were not there for the printing of the 2nd issue & it has now become an online-only magazine exercise available via limited distribution. This lead to my departure from the project.

Photoshoot examples.

VladTina-29 VladTina-31 VladTina-16 VladTina-15 VladTina-9 VladTina-6 VladTina-1VladTina-17   yeahmikey-1-73 yeahmikey-1-75 yeahmikey-1-77 yeahmikey-1-78


Social media profiles/blogging

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